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Statement on World Vasectomy Day 2017

Posted on November 17, 2017

On the occasion of World Vasectomy Day, Poonam Muttreja, Exextuive Director, Population Foundation of India released the following statement to the media.

The burden of family planning is borne unequally by women in India, as female sterilisation accounts for 75.6% of modern contraceptive usage, while male sterilisation is at just 0.6% , even though it is a low-risk, simpler and highly effective form of contraception. Today, on the occasion of the World Vasectomy Day, we feel that it is important to understand that deep seated patriarchal norms are a deterrent that prevents men from being equal partners in sharing the responsibility for planning families. A survey  indicates that 40.2% of men in India think it is a woman’s responsibility to avoid getting pregnant. We need to actively work towards engaging men in family planning by addressing social norms to enable them to make the right choices for a healthy family, community and country.