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PFI’s journey started as an organization that brought together and motivated corporate houses to contribute to the field of population and health. Currently, we provide technical assistance to a number of corporate houses in the implementation of their CSR programmes.


We have partnered with a number of international and national donor organizations and trusts to take forward our mandate on family planning, RCH and HIV/AIDS. PFI has also been a part of several alliances, joining hands with other civil society organizations to advocate issues of common concern.


Some Alliances of which PFI is a member :


  • Advocating Reproductive Choices (ARC)


  • Alliance for Young People: Towards a Healthy Future


  • National Coalition against Two Child Norm (TCN)


  • Coalition for Maternal and Neonatal Health and Safe Abortions (CMNHSA)


  • Global Health Council


  • National Coalition on Population Stabilization, Family Planning and Reproductive Rights


  • The White Ribbon Alliance
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