Oration and Awards


Mr JRD Tata, affectionately called JRD, by his friends and admirers, advocated population stabilization for curbing the exponentially rising population of India, and to secure for our people the fruits of progress and development.


His view of the gravity of the crisis was reflected in his concern in addressing the problem of poverty and protecting the environment, which he felt, were wider dimensions of the population crisis. He called upon successive governments to confront these challenges on a high priority basis.


JRD also stressed the importance of good governance practices in enabling development and population stabilization. It was at his initiative that the International Institute of Population Studies was set up in 1956. JRD’s ceaseless endeavours in population stabilization saw him being honoured with the 1992 UN Population Award.


In 1990, the Population Foundation of India instituted the Encounter with Population Crisis an annual lecture series. Five years later, it was rechristened as the JRD Tata Oration, to pay tribute to the great visionary. International and Indian celebrities are invited  to focus on critical issues related to population..


In 1997, PFI instituted the JRD Tata Memorial Awards. The awards are presented to the states and districts, which have outstanding performance in population, reproductive health and family planning programmes.



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